Product Description

Saline Stand (IV pole)

IV Stand also known as Mayo Stand or Saline Injection Rod Stand. IV stands are designed to offer good durability with easy movement. All the IV pole stands are easy to adjust and planned to support IV pumps and controllers. It is very comfortable for multiple infusion pumps and therefore used in many hospitals/treatment rooms, ICU.

Another variety in this segment of hospital bed accessory is the Safe T Pole. A long pole or rod attachable to the hospital bed, which has a very strong grip, helps the patients while transferring them from one place to another.

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Mayo's Stand Features:

  • Some IV stand has 3 or 5 large legs on the base.
  • Saline stand base legs are fitted with wheels for easy mobility and are lockable.
  • Each IV pole stand is easy to adjust and features circular hooks for fitting pumps and other controllers.
  • There can be one or two or four hooks on a rod stand, most used 2 hook stands, usually holds 2-3 Kg per hook.
  • The IV Pole stand is normally lightweight and it has the provision to be fitted to hospital beds or at the bedside.
  • The Injection stand allows height adjustment.
  • The Mayo rod operates by interlacing foot pedal adjustments or manual adjustment.

Mayo - Medical IV Stand
IV Pole Stand For Hospitals