Product Description

Bedside Metal Screens

A movable Device or Screen which can be used in hospitals to create a temporary partition is known as Bedside Screen. Generally, this screen is made of a curtain framed in Metal Frame, used for partition to give privacy between patient beds hence it's also known as Bedside Metal Screens. These screens are available in simple as well as decorative design. These screens are also used in the doctor's chambers while the doctor is examining the patient in his private chambers.

The bedside Metal screen is designed to meet the requirements of the medical staff and is very comfortable and easy to use. Different types of Curtain Frames Screen are Metal frame, aluminium frame, Iron frame, wooden frame, etc. They are light in weight and provide good privacy to the doctors and patients while examination.

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Bedside Folding Screen Features:

  • The metallic frame of the screen can be painted or powder coated like an epoxy coating, polyester coating, nylon coating, etc.
  • The metal bedside folding screen can be of three or four-folds.
  • The curtains are plain blue or green and made of various fabrics & woollen which are thick and washable.
  • The bedside wooden screen is made of different types of wood like Timber, Plywood, Veneer and Oakwood.
  • Some Hospital Bedside Screen has provided mounted on wheels for easy movement.

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