Product Description

Casualty Stretcher Trolley

Instrument trolley or medicine trolley are mainly used in hospitals / medical centres to carry medicines and surgical instruments. These trolleys are generally square metal trolley with rollers on each leg to assist in the quick movement of the trolley around the place.

An emergency drug trolley is a compact trolley with wheels attached to its base. These trolleys are kept at the drug dispensing centre, easily accessible so that they can be pulled to the operation theatre or any other room in case of an emergency. The trolley is designed to carry all equipment, supplies, instruments and drugs required urgently during any operation. It is used for multiple purposes in ICUs and OTs. Alternatively, it is also known as a crash cart trolley.

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Emergency Casualty Trolley Features:

  • The height of the emergency Stretcher trolley is adjustable.
  • The height of the medical tools trolley is non-adjustable
  • The shelves of the instrument trolley have safeguards on all side to prevent the falling of Instruments.
  • Some equipment delivering trolleys has brakes to control the movement.
  • Trolley has provided mounted on 4 wheels for easy movement or transfer.
  • Its body is made up of different material of Metals like Iron, Stainless Steel, Wood, etc.
  • The body of the trolley will be painted or powder coated with an epoxy coating or nylon coating.
  • Drugs trolley has provided boxes and drawers facility to store emergency medicines of the patients.

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