Product Description

Patient beds should be designed as per the requirement of comfort, functionality and aesthetics. When the patient is confined to the ICU for treatment or recovery, the hospital bed creates a safe, cheerful and graceful environment which is important.

Hence we provide a range of Hospital beds, operation tables, bedside cabinets, lockers and surgical equipment with total comfort, satisfaction and safety of patients. Offering the best quality products and various models of Hospital beds in different sizes, colours & features like adjustable height, folding, side rails, ABS material, etc.

We are leading hospital bed manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and exporters in Mumbai, India offering a high economical range of products. Also, provide customized beds as per customer requirement for bulk quantity or orders. Such health care Hospital beds have huge demand in the USA, UK, Germany, Spain, Canada, Sri Lanka, UAE, Iraq, Malaysia and other European countries.

Hospital Beds are also known as Medical Beds, Patient Recovery Beds and Homecare beds due to their utility purpose.

Types of Hospital Beds offered are as follows:

  • ICU Nursing Bed

    ICU Beds - Intensive care ICU beds are also known as the "Coronary Care Bed". Such nursing beds have additional facilities like side rails, soft mattress etc for special medical treatment. It’s also available in ABS plastic material.

  • Folding or Adjustable Beds

    Adjustable Hospital Beds - Adjustable hospital beds promote recovery in several health issues. This helps in relief from back pain and swelling of legs. By using the folding feature a patient gets more comfort and relief.

  • Semi Fowler and Plain Beds

    Plain Hospital Beds - Plain Hospital Bed is a (general) simple bed without any special features and fully / semi fowler beds are the most common type, having manual operating, used in the general physical ward of hospitals and nursing homes.

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