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Xenon Light Source

Xenon Light Source - Image

Cold Light Source

Quality Assurance Lamp or Bulb is the most important part of the cold cathode light. The Quality of light depends on the light source used. Several Modern types of light sources are currently available on the market, but power supply is a highly stable current source for mercury xenon light source. It has a built-in automatic igniter (light intensity) controller, however, Due to a high switching frequency and multiple output filters the current ripple was virtually eliminated assuring long life of the xenon light source. A cold light source maintain good ratio between creating more light and producing heat. It maintain cool temperature and diminish heat, but not at zero point.

It is very useful at emergency purpose, for example in Hospital while operation. Hence, Hospital Furniture India provides wide range of products which provides total customer satisfaction. We offer best quality products & different varieties of Cold Light Source available.

We are one of the Top Hospital Furniture & Surgical Equipments Manufacturer, Supplier, Distributor and Exporter from the highest to economical range of specifications products. In other words, we offer you best quality products at very reasonable price. Our products are imported by importers from countries across the globe.

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Light Source Features:
Cold Light Source - Image
Light Intensity Controller - Image
  • Xenon short arc output provides daylight balanced 6000K output, and 1250 hr. lamp life.
  • S.M.P.S. based design ensures smooth working of light source within the voltage variation of 180 -270 vac.
  • Light intensity controller help to control with smooth rotary potentiometer.
  • It diminishes near half of weight & size of the conventional light sources.
  • Manually operated gradient screen controls intensity without sacrificing color temperature.
  • Lighted power switch provides "power-on" indication at glance from a distance.
  • Snap out lamp replacement makes changing lamp assemblies quick and easy.
  • Lamp hour indicator on the rear panel alerts user when lamp failure is eminent.
  • Hospital safety plug for secure connections.

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