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Suction Units [Medivac]

Quality Assurance

Suction Units

Hospital Furniture India is a Manufacturer and Exporter of Suction Units. NEW MEDIVAC has been designed for operating theaters for the aspiration of body liquids and for applications gyanecology and dermatology (liposuction). Electronically managed foot switch available upon request.

Standard Consumables Included

  • Two autoclavable polycarbonate jars of 2000ml with overflow valve system
  • One antibacterial and hydrophobic filter
  • One complete set of silicone / PVC tubes
  • One conical connector for cannula
  • One Power Cord.
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Available with Oil Free Piston Pump

Technical Specifications:

Motor : Rotary Pump
Power Feeding : 220V 50Hz- other configurations on request
Maximum Vacuum (adjustable) : -700mmHg
Max free air flow rate : 50l/min
Duty Cycle : Non stop operating
Years of warranty : 2
Shipping Carton : 1
Place of manufacturing : India

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