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Suction Units [FE-03]

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Suction Units

Hospital Furniture India is a Manufacturer and Exporter of Suction Units. NEW FE-03 is an Electric cum Manually operated suction unit for the aspiration of body liquids, oral , nasal and tracheal aspiration in adults or children. Provided with 4 castors, It is suitable for hospital wards and theaters. Equipped with double jars, aspiration regulator and vacuum indicator located on front panel. Electronically managed foot switch control available upon request.

Standard Consumables Included

  • Two autoclavable polycarbonate jars with overflow valve system
  • One antibacterial and hydrophobic filter
  • One complete set of silicone / PVC tubes
  • One conical connector for cannula
  • One Power Cord.
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Technical Specifications:

Motor : Rotary pump
Power Feeding : 220 50Hz (as well as manual operation)
Maximum Vacuum : -700mmHg on Electric operation
Maximum Vacuum : -600mmHg on Manual Operation
Max free air flow rate : 30l/min On Electric Operation
Years of warranty : 1
Shipping Carton : 1
Place of manufacturing : India

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