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Orthopedic Implants / Instruments

Orthopedic Implants and Instruments - Image

Quality AssuranceOrthopedic Implant accessories are designed to fulfillment of contributing needs in placement of joint bones components. Surgical Instruments and Orthopaedic Instruments are also designed to assist the surgeon in proper Joint Bones replacement process.

Hence Hospital Furniture India provides wide range of surgical instruments which provides total customer satisfaction. We offer best quality medical products & different varieties of orthopedic implant accessories available in different size, shape, forms like mini fragments, angled blade plates, spine surgery, external fixators, ilizarov ring fixators, anatomical bone plates, screws, etc.

We are one of the top Hospital Furniture & surgical equipments manufacturer, supplier, distributor and exporter from the highest to economical range of specifications products. In other words, we offer you best quality products at very reasonable price.

Our orthopedic implant instruments and furniture are imported by Spain, UAE, UK, Europe, USA, Austria, Iraq, Turkey and other european countries in bulk quantity or orders.

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Types of orthopedic implant instruments offered are as follows:
Hip Prosthesis
Inter Locking Nails
Wires & Pins
Screws - Image
Plates - Image
Hip Prosthesis - Image
Inter Locking Nails - Image
Wires & Pins  - Image
External Fixator
Plate Holding Forceps
Ilizarov Ring Fixators
Plate Bender & Gauge
Drill & Screw Driver
External Fixator - Image
Plate Holding Forceps - Image
Ilizarov Ring Fixators - Image
Plate Bender & Gauge - Image
Drill & Screw Driver - Image

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Find complete range of Hospital Furniture like orthopedic implants and orthopedic instruments to hospitals and clinics at reasonable cost. We are orthopedic implants manufacturer, supplier and exporter from Mumbai, India.