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Organic Cotton Pads / Rolls

Organic Cotton Pads - Rolls - Image

Quality AssuranceSurgical Cotton that is hydrogen peroxide bleached absorbent cotton. It is also known as Medical Cotton or Organic Cotton. A gentle Organic Cotton means uncarded bleached cotton suitable for production of absorbent cotton products like cotton pleats, cotton wool rolls, cotton balls and cotton pads. Surgical Cotton is mainly used for medical purposes in hospitals, nursing homes, dispensaries, etc.

Hence Hospital Furniture India provides wide range of products which provides total customer satisfaction. We offer best quality products & different varieties of Organic Cottons available in different size, shape, forms like rolls, folded, zig-zag, balls, pads, cubes, swabs, pleats, etc.

We are one of the Top Hospital Furniture & surgical equipments manufacturer, supplier, distributor and exporter from the highest to economical range of specifications products. In other words, we offer you best quality products at very reasonable price.

We specialize in manufacturing surgical cotton as per your requirements and deliver it as per your order.

Our operation theatre products are imported by Iraq, Turkey, USA, UK Austria, Poland, Spain, UAE, and other european countries in bulk quantity or orders.

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Organic Cotton Features:
Organic Cotton - Image
  • Bleached to a good white and free from neps, leaf & shell.
  • Single and uniform lap without joints.
  • Suitable for cleaning and swabbing wounds.
  • Quick Absorbency.
  • Sterile or Non Sterile
  • Conforms to International Standards.
  • Applications of medicaments to wounds.
  • Economical and convenient for Clinic, Dental, Dispensaries, Nursing Home and Hospital.
Cotton Eye Pad
Cotton Wool Ball
Cotton Roll
Cotton Pleats/swabs
Cotton Cubes
Cotton Eye Pad - Image
Cotton Wool Ball - Image
Cotton Roll  - Image
Cotton Pleats - swabs - Image
Cotton Cubes - Image

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Find complete range of hospital ward accessories like medical cotton swabs, surgical cotton rolls and organic cotton pads for hospitals and clinics at reasonable prices. We are bleached absorbent cotton supplier and exporter from Mumbai, India.