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Medical Disposables

Medical Disposables - ImageSurgical Disposables

Quality Assurance Quality Assurance Medical Disposable items means the products which should be disposed after used once. In Hospital while operating / surgery for treatment a patient is essential to use a surgical disposable products, it diminish a criteria of infection to other patients.

Hence Hospital Furniture India provides wide range of products which provides total customer satisfaction. We offer best quality products & different varieties of Medical Disposables available are Aprons, Caps, Masks, Surgical Gloves, Scalpels, Needles, Syringes, Scalpel Blades, Infant Feeding Tubes, Mucus Extractor, Ryle's Tubes, Nasal Oxygen Catheters, Oxygen Masks, Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter, Suction Catheters, Foley Balloon Catheters, Nelaton Catheters, I.V. Infusion Set, etc

We are one of the reputed Hospital Furniture and Surgical Equipments Manufacturer, Supplier, Distributor and Exporter from the highest to economical range of specifications products. In other words, we offer you best quality products at very reasonable price.

We specialize in manufacturing surgical disposable items as per your requirements and deliver it as per your order.

Our surgical disposable items are imported by Austria, Poland, Iraq, Turkey, USA, UK, Spain, UAE, and other european countries in bulk quantity or orders.

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Types of surgical disposable offered are as follows:

Anaesthesia Disposable

Anaesthesia Disposable  - Image

• Endotracheal Tubes • Aspiration Needle • Nasal Oxygen Catheters • Oxygen Masks • Peritoneal Dialysis Set • Dialysis Catheter
• Suction Catheters • Cock with Extension Line

Infusion Therapy

Infusion Therapy - Image

• I.V. Infusion Set • Infusion Bags • Scalp Vein Sets • IV Cannulae


Gastroenterology - Image

• Infant Feeding Tubes • Infant Mucus Extractor • Ryle's Tubes • Levin's Tubes • Colostomy Kit


Urology - Images

• Foley Balloon Catheters • Nelaton Catheters • Uretheral Catheters • Urine Collection Bags • External Male Condom Catheter

General Surgery Items

General Surgery Items  - Image

• Aprons • Caps • Masks • Surgical Gloves • Scalpels • Needles • Syringes • Scalpel Blades

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We offer best quality of medical disposable items, hospital beds, trolleys, etc. from one of the leading manufacturer, exporter, and supplier from Mumbai, India.