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Infant Incubators

Infant Incubators - ImageBaby Incubators

Quality Assurance A quality assurance Incubator designed for neonatal intensive care will make your task easy. The ideal place for premature baby is mother womb. The next best place is an Infant Incubator where the mother can be close to and easily access her baby. The other important point is that a sick baby needs a stable and controlled atmosphere. Open Care Baby Incubator is innovatively designed to meet the safest and most comfortable environment with the latest technology, most demanding child health care needs in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Hence we offer best quality products & different varieties of computerized baby incubators available are phototherapy unit, resuscitation unit, infant radiant warmer, baby radiant tube heater, etc which provides total customer satisfaction.

We are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of hospital products and surgical instruments. Since a decade we are serving best quality of hospital furniture and equipments to Medical Industry across the globe. We specialize in manufacturing infant incubator as per your requirements and deliver it as per your order.

Our baby care incubators are imported by Spain, Iraq, Turkey, Australia, South Africa, UK, UAE, and other european countries in bulk quantity or orders.

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Types of infant incubator offered are as follows:

Phototherapy Unit

Phototherapy Unit  - Image

Phototherapy units are developed to provide a easy but effective method of treating new born babies with neonatal hyperbilirubinemia, which greatly reduces the need to rely on costly, comparatively complex, exchange blood transfusion, whether nursed in the special baby care unit or pediatric wards.

Resuscitation Units

Resuscitation Units - Image

Neonatal Resuscitation units are generally used as open care incubators in the intensive care units, delivery rooms, operating theatres. They must have features like heat control, resuscitation, phototherapy in it, room for maintaining systems and complete accessibility to the new born baby with an optimum medical procedural capability.

Infant Radiant Warmer / Baby Radiant Tube Heater

Infant Radiant Warmer / Baby Radiant Tube Heater - Image

Babies and infants need a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Infant Radiant warmers is effective at keeping the new born baby warm and secure. It is compact in design and easy to move, its sturdy body makes it a best choice in the delivery room.

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Buy superior quality hospital equipments and baby incubators like infant radiant warmers or resuscitation units etc.