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ICU Nursing Bed

ICU Nursing Bed - Image

Recovery Ward Bed

Quality Assurance Intensive care or coronary care bed is also known as the "Special Medical Bed". It means hospital bed in which special medical / surgical services, beyond general care, including intensive care or coronary care, are provided.

The demand for intensive care has increased relentlessly over the past 30 years but the provision of intensive care has lagged behind that demand. Thus, patients who are judged to need intensive care when a bed is unavailable are increasingly transferred to another hospital for such care. There are fewer critical care beds per person in many hospitals.

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ICU Bed Features:
Medical Recovery Bed - Image
Plain Bed - Image
  • ICU beds are fully electric or semi electric or manual adjustable beds.
  • ICU beds have the facility to provide perfectly smooth medically important positions for the patient. It enables the patient to rest at different angles or to sit up and eat.
  • Trendelenburg, Reverse Trendelenburg, Reclining, Horizontal, Contour, Fowler, Cardiac Chair, Shock Free Hand Controlled switches are available in ICU beds.
  • The ICU Ward Beds are generally mobile on 4 wheels which are provided with total lock, directional lock and total free movements.
  • Rubber rolling tyre are provided for smooth and free movements.
  • Hand control switches provide easy control of all movements.
  • Strong and durable: ICU beds are capable of supporting heavy loads without signs of giving way.

Medical Bed Features:

Adjustable Fowler Bed - Image
  • The body of this medical bed can be painted or powder coated like epoxy coating, polyester coating, nylon coating etc.
  • The hospital recovery bed is mounted on 4 heavy duty wheels.
  • The medical recovery bed has efficient and accessible brakes.
  • The surface of the medical bed can come with a fixed mattress or the bed surface is perforated sheet top or wire mesh. The medical recovery bed has a firm base and mattress.
  • The recovery bed tilts from one or both ends both head up and head down.
  • The medical beds has provision for sitting the patient up.
  • It also has secure side rails which are collapsible.
  • The bed has an IV pole can be adjusted for dripping the patient.
  • Some recovery beds also have removable type radio-lucent top in two section for obtaining backrest and fitted with a cassette holding tray downward side.

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