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Hospital Trolleys

Hospital Trolley Manufacturer in India Metal Trolley is an important asset for any hospital. In emergency operation or surgery, hospitals need trolleys to carry a patient to Operation Theater or ICU Ward. Stretchers, oxygen cylinder trolley, food and medicine trolley, etc are different form of hospital trolleys as per respective utilization. Such Hospital trolleys are the widely useful to serve different purposes easily and instantly.

Hence We offer best quality products and various kind of hospital trolleys available in different size, shape, heights, colors & features like adjustable, folding, comfortable, with rotate wheel, surgical fulfill, etc. These trolleys are made of various metals like iron, steel, etc.

We are reputed manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and exporters of Hospital Trolleys of high range to economical range in India. Our products are import by UK, UAE, Iraq, USA, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Poland, Austria and other European countries. We also provide customized hospital trolleys as per requirement for bulk quantity orders.

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Stretcher and Baby Trolley

Hospital Stretcher Trolleys

Stretchers are widely used to carry patients from one location to another or to operation room. It is of great use in case of emergency or when the patient is not fit to walk. Baby trolley is a mobile unit.

Emergency Casualty Trolley

Emergency Casualty Trolley

A well planned, well equipped, well staffed and well managed emergency casualty trolleys are very must for the safe and early transportation of patients who have recently met an accident or requires undergoing some emergency treatment / procedure.

Surgical Instruments and Medicine Trolleys

Instruments and Medicine Trolley

These kinds of trolleys are mainly used in hospitals to carry medicines and surgical instruments. Generally metal trolley facilitated with rollers on each leg to assist in quick movement to move around the place.

Mayo's Trolley and Food Trolleys

Hospital Food Serving Trolleys

Mayo trolley is used in operation and intervention rooms. Hospital / Medical mayo trolley is used in operation theaters. Food distribution in hospitals to patient's room plays a critical role so Food trolley is used to serve cooked food.

Monitor and Dressing Trolleys

Medical Trolleys

Monitor trolley is generally used to carry the image display monitors / screen, image processing and recording devices and accessories.

Oxygen Cylinder Trolley

Oxygen Cylinder Trolley

Oxygen cylinder trolley as the name explains, helps in carrying oxygen cylinders in hospitals / medical centers. It is used to transport gas cylinders from operation room to patient room or one place to another safely and easily.

Hospital Trolleys are also known as Stretcher Trolleys, Medical Dressing Trolley, Linen and Food Trolleys, etc because of their utility purpose.

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