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Hospital Tables

Hospital Table Manufacturer in IndiaTables are important furniture of hospitals, necessary for various kind of operation, surgery or patient examination hence its term as hospital tables. It should be designed with various necessary factors like electrical, portable, folding, comfort, functionality and safe. When the patient is confined to a surgical or operation table for treatment such comfortable OT table could be of great help to doctors also.

Hence we provide wide range of Hospital furniture and equipments like Hospital Tables which provides complete satisfaction to users or customers. We offer best quality products and varieties of Hospital tables available in different size, heights, colors & features like adjustable, folding, comfortable, easy operating, etc. Such tables can be manufactured with various materials like iron, wood, steel, aluminum, etc.

We are one of the leading Hospital Table manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and exporters in India, offering highest to economical range of products. We also provide customized hospital tables as per customer requirement for bulk quantity or orders. Our products are import by Germany, Spain, UK, Europe, Iraq, UAE, Germany, and other European countries worldwide.

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Types of Hospital Tables offered are as follows:

Treatment or Operation Tables

Operation Tables

Operation Theatre tables should provide the comfort to doctors and nurses for treating the patient. In any operation, the design, quality and features of table plays a very important role.

Portable or Folding Tables

Portable Hospital Tables

Important component in any hospital table is the portability which helps to perform various tasks comfortably. Folding table can be used for various purpose and occupy less space.

Medical Examination Tables

Medical Examination Table

Generally such tables will find in various clinics, hospitals, nursing homes and medical centers for examination of patient’s health.

Hospital Tables are also known as Gynecological Couches, Obstetric / Medical Labour Tables, Hydraulic and C-Arm Operation Tables, etc because of their utility purpose.

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