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Hospital Lockers / Cabinets

Hospital Lockers / Cabinets Manufacturers & Suppliers in IndiaBedside Hospital Lockers and Cabinets are very essential products for any Hospital. Cabinet / Locker is useful and needed whether it is a Patient's room, Operation Theater, Doctor's common room or in Druggist / Medical and Chemist Shop. A personal hospital cabinet is useful in storing valuable items like cash, treatment report, patient's files and medicines. It is also known as Bedside cabinets or Medical cabinets which are provided to every patient with Ward Bed. Large lockers or cabinets can be used for storage of surgical instruments, surgical equipments and patient's clothes, keeping files, drugs and medicines. It typically looks like cupboard.

Hence we offer best quality products and different types of hospital lockers which are available in various sizes, shapes, height, colour & features like portable, folding with rotating wheel, etc.

We are the best hospital locker manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and exporters in India. We provide high to economical range of medical and hospital products. We offer superior quality products at reasonable cost. Our products are imported by various countries importer across the globe. We can provide various kinds of hospitals cabinets / lockers by custom manufacturing as per customer requirement for quantity order.

Our hospital lockers, cabinets and furniture are imported by UAE, Spain, Turkey, UK, Europe, Iraq, USA, Germany, and other European countries. We also provide customized hospital furniture as per requirement for bulk quantity or orders.

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Types of Hospital Lockers & Cabinets offered are as follows:

Multipurpose Folding Cabinets

Multipurpose Folding Cabinets

A small compartment used in hospitals that can be locked is called Hospital Lockers. Multipurpose Folding Cabinets are very helpful to keep the clothes, valuables and medicines of the patient or attendants in a safe place.

Bedside Cabinets or Lockers

Bedside Cabinet or Lockers

Metal Cabinets and Lockers are very important in any medical center. Hospital cabinets which are alternatively known as hospital or patient lockers are of same utility, safely for the storing patient's prescribe medicines.

Equipments Storage Lockers

Equipments Storage Locker

Any hospital or medical center requires the cabinets or lockers to store all its medical equipments. An equipment storage locker is a compartment that can be locked, so that items like surgical equipments, clothes used during operations, medicines, files / stationery and such other items.

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