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Hospital Fumigators

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Fumigator (Aluminium Pot)

Quality AssuranceEffective cleaning of all surgical instruments prior to medical test and operation theatre process is essential. If a previous patient has suspect or risk infection diseases than reuse of instrument without removal of radioactive fumes will make patient to risk case, so cleaning of instrument is necessary by electric steamers (aluminium pot) which are known as Fumigators.

A Fumigator is a device that generates a gas by steam heat, for the purpose of disinfecting or killing the pests.

Hence we offer best quality products and hospital hollowware available are Basin Shallow, Kidney Tray, Bowls, Bed Pans, Forceps & Needle Jars, Instrument Box, Fumigator, Electric Instrument Sterilizer made of various materials like stainless steel, aluminum, iron, etc.

We are reputed hospital furniture and surgical equipments manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and exporters from the highest to economical range of specifications products. Our products are imported by importers from countries like Japan, Iraq, Spain, Malaysia, UAE, UK, USA, Canada and other European Countries.

We provide the various types of hospital holloware, furniture and equipments as per your requirement at reasonable prices.

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OT Fumigator Features:
Surgical Instrument Cleaner - Image
  • Fumigator is very Light Weight and Electrical Steamer.
  • It's easy to operate by any one - surgeon, doctor, nurse, ward boy, etc.
  • Virtually it likes No Maintenance required.
  • Required very less electric power. In other word, Negligible Power Consumption.
  • Effective cleaning of all surgical instruments from the pests/fumes.
  • 100% Convenient and Necessary Equipment in Hospital.
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We are leading hospital furniture and equipments manufacturer offer best quality of fumigators, aluminum pots, surgical instruments sterilizers, etc from Mumbai India.