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Gynecological / Examination Couch

Examination Gynecological Couch Manufacturer in India Examination Gynecological Couch Manufacturer in India

Quality Assurance Examination Couch is specially designed for checking pregnant ladies. It is used for checking any problem affecting the female reproductive organs or treatment of diseases of the urinary tract and urogenital system. Examination couch / chair should have necessary factors like adjustable, electrical, folding, comfort, functionality and safe.

Hence Hospital Furniture India provides wide range of best quality products & different varieties of Examination Couch available in different size, heights, colors and features like portable, comfortable, easy operating, surgical fulfill, etc. Couches are made of various materials like metal, iron, wood, steel, aluminum, etc

We are one of the top Hospital Furniture manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and exporters in Mumbai, India. We provide high to economical range of hospital and medical products. In other words, we offer best quality products at very reasonable price. Our products are imported by importers from countries across the globe.

Our examination couch and Hospital furniture are imported by Israel, Turkey, UK, Spain, USA, Austria, Iraq, Turkey, and other European countries. We also provide customized hospital furniture as per requirement for bulk quantity or orders.

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Examination Couch Features:
Gynecological Hospital Couches in India
  • The examination couch can be plain or adjustable.
  • The adjustable gynecological couches comes in two sections where the backrest section can be moved up and down with crank.
  • The examination couch frame is painted in any color and also be powder coated which are of various types like polyester coating, nylon coating, epoxy coating etc.
  • The gynecological couch top can be made of wood or wire mesh or MS sheet or perforated sheet top etc.
  • Some gynecological couches come with foam padded upholstered top while some others are provided with an additional mattress of the size of the couch.
  • Provision for fixing bucket/basin on revolving brackets available in some Obstetric Labour couches.
  • Provision for fixing saline rod available on both sides in some Delivery Bed/Couches.
  • Gynecological Hospital couches can come with wheels or without wheels.
  • The Couch frame is made of various materials like Iron, Steel, Aluminum, Wood, Metals.

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Offers wide range of superior quality gynecologist examinee couch , examin beds and gynecology tables for hospitals and clinics. We are gynecological or examination couch manufacturer, supplier and exporter from Mumbai, India.