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Electrosurgical Generator ESU

Electrosurgical Generator ESU - Image

Electrosurgery Units

Quality Assurance Electro Surgical Generator is used in the hospital operating room and medical centre. It fulfills all features of your surgical demands like safety, flexibility reliability and convenience in both monopole and bipolar functions.

Electrosurgical unit has a Direct Current Return (DCR) system to protect patients from burns due to misfortunate touch to the dual return plate. The DCR system is designed to deactivate the generator before an injury can be occurred. It detects a dangerously high level of resistivety at patient and constantly monitors the circuit for tissue to pad contact. An alarm will sound and the output will be automatically cut off in the event of a loss of contact.

Hence Hospital Furniture India provides wide range of products which provides total customer satisfaction. We offer best quality products & different varieties of electric generators available.

We are one of the Top Hospital Furniture & Surgical Equipments Manufacturer, Supplier, Distributor and Exporter from the highest to economical range of specifications products. In other words, we offer you best quality products at very reasonable price. Our products are imported by importers from countries across the globe.

We can provide you with various types of Power Surgical Generators, by kindly manufacture them as per your order or requirement.

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Electrosurgical Unit Features:
Electrosurgical Generators - Image
  • Versatile Design - generator helps to perform specialized procedures like neuro, thoracic, cardiovascular, TURP, cancer, endoscopic, laproscopic, hysteroscopy, plastic and reconstructive.
  • Isolated Design - directs current return to the generator significantly reducing risks of alternate site burns.
  • Portable Design - permits surgeon to carry the unit from hospital, to perform specialized surgical procedures.
  • Safety - the most essential feature in every electrosurgical unit. Sanjeevani's body protected & cardiac protected design, safeguards the O.R. team members.
  • User Friendly - operating controls of unit, helps O.R. staff to set the parameters according to the procedures.
  • Electrosurgical Units are prepared with Microprocessor Power Controls.
  • Three varieties of cuts and two type of cog are bipolar each.
  • Patient Plate is monitoring with audio and visual alarms.
  • Hand and Foot Switching Facilitate with automatically stopped to prevent uncalled burns.
  • Digital Output to deliver Precise Power.
  • Ten Programming memories to store different power settings for different surgeries.
Bipolar Forceps
Electrode Pencils
Foot Switch
Patient Plates
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