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Electric Homecare Bed

Electric Homecare Beds in India

Electrical Adjustable Home care Bed

Quality Assurance "Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together"

Thomas Decker, English dramatist (1572-1632)

Sleep Disorders is A National Health Problem of India

Sleep disturbances causes an uncalculated, but enormous, burden on the Indian public. Many industrial and automobile accidents are related to disorders of sleep. School and job performance, and even everyday social relationships, are also affected.

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Sleep disorder symptoms Do you...
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  • Feel irritable or sleepy during the day?
  • have difficulty staying awake when sitting still, such as when watching television or reading?
  • Fall asleep sometimes while driving?
  • Have difficulty paying attention or concentrating at work, school, or home?
  • Often get told by others that you look tired?
  • Have difficulty with your memory?
  • React slowly?
  • Feel like taking a nap almost every day?
Untreated Sleep Disorders can even be hazardous to your health
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A British study released in September 2007 found that people who do not get enough sleep are twice as likely to die of heart disease

  • Getting a good night's sleep is essential for feeling refreshed and alert through out the day .
  • Did you know that the average adult needs eight hours of uninterrupted sleep every night in order to maintain optimal mental and physical health?
  • Unfortunately, not everyone is able to get the restorative eight hours they need.
  • Luckily, through proper testing, diagnosis and correcting faulty sleep patterns, sleep disorders can be managed and overcome.
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One of them is by switching sleep positions.
Switching sleep positions is an alternative means of correcting faulty sleep patterns that doesn't require a great investment of time or money. Simply put, switching sleep positions is a sound remedy to a sleepless night.

Sleeping on your back may not be your favorite sleeping position, but it still work wonders for your body. Sleeping in a position on your back will give your internal organs more space to breath. Since your body is in a sleeping state, the organs will have more time to breathe and when you wake up, you'll feel better. It's also recommended to maintain the natural curve of your body. This position is ALSO ideal for those who are suffering from pain in their lower back.

Of course, each person should experiment with the different sleeping positions to determine which one is right for them.

Here are the few positions, which you can achieve for your body comfort with the help of our remote controlled electrically operated comfort bed

Backrest Homecare Beds in India
Backrest Movement
Leg rest position of Electric Homecare Bed
Legrest Movement
Both 'Back' and 'Leg' rest position of Electric Homecare Bed
Back and Leg rest Movement

These are available Homecare Beds at Hospital Furniture India and each of them has their own pros and cons. You have to decide which one is perfect for you so that you can follow it and have peaceful and healthy rest.

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